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Obviously we didn’t anticipate that Trump would be indicted by federal prosecutors on the second day of our critical TPM Journalism Fund drive. So we’re focused on covering every dimension of this story while still doing everything we can to hit the number we need to make. We are off to a solid start, which is awesome and a great relief. But we’ve still got quite a ways to go. As of this morning we’re move than a third of the way there, roughly $180,000. (Thank you!) It would be great to get to the halfway point going into the weekend or as close as we can get to that milestone. If you have a moment this afternoon, wonderful. The link is right here.

Late Update: And more news (indictment unsealed). Think of it as classic fundraiser interference, with Trump deliberately seeking to hurt TPM.


Resist the Drama

It’s hard not to feel a sense of the weightiness of this moment. But it’s worth resisting that feeling, stepping back from it. It grants Trump too much. If you brazenly commit crimes again and again there’s a good chance you’ll get charged with a crime. That’s normal and commonplace. It is as predictable as night following day, the order of the seasons. This case doesn’t even include the constitutional wrinkles of judging actions as head of state. These are alleged crimes Trump committed as an ordinary citizen: theft of government documents, obstruction of justice, lying to federal agents.

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Where Things Stand: Republicans’ Abortion Flailing Shows Up In McCarthy’s Caucus Chaos Too

This is your TPM evening briefing.

My colleague Kate Riga and I have been tracking the various ways in which Republicans are freaking out about how their party’s longstanding and extreme positioning on abortion will impact them in coming elections. Kate wrote an excellent piece earlier this week on Republican 2024 candidates’ flailing as they repeatedly and publicly struggle to pick any specific footing on the issue, aware that restrictive policy platforms and abortion bans in general have proven themselves to be wildly unpopular among voters and will likely hurt them in the upcoming presidential general election.

I won’t unpack all the evidence that supports the notion that Republicans are losing the battle of public opinion on abortion here, but to catch up, I’d recommend reading this, this and this.

But, this week, the omnipresent dilemma and intra-party rift appeared in a new venue.

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Time Out

We’re in day two of our critical drive for the TPM Journalism Fund. Here’s a bit more about why it’s important, and especially important this year. On day two we’re almost 1/3 of a way toward our goal. If you didn’t get a chance yesterday, please consider donating to this year’s drive. Just click right here.


Listen To This: Disaster Averted

A new episode of The Josh Marshall Podcast is live! This week, Josh and Kate discuss the debt ceiling deal, new entrants to the GOP 2024 presidential race and mutterings about a potential coming indictment.

You can listen to the new episode of The Josh Marshall Podcast here.


So Is Trump Really Toast?

The Target Letter Diaries.

You probably saw that President Trump has now received a “target letter” from Special Prosecutor Jack Smith’s office. We don’t know precisely when it was received, at least not in the reporting I have seen. But presumably it is quite recent. In federal law enforcement, a “target letter” is a mix of threat and good faith warning about your status and what to expect. In other words, we’re not just looking at a potential crime that you’re proximate to or involved with. You’re the target. We are looking at you as a probable criminal defendant and we assume we’re going to indict you. So act accordingly. It provides some back stop to prevent a defendant from saying prosecutors made it like they were just a witness and not the person who was going to get indicted. Lawyers who practice in the federal courts might put the nuance a bit differently or disagree among themselves. But I think this is the gist.

If you’re focused on the “hey is this thing really going to happen?” front, the answer is, you should assume it will. It’s not a guarantee. But it makes it highly likely. And not based on what some outside commentator speculates and pieces together from the clues. This comes from the guy who does the indicting.


Thanks and Let’s Keep This Going

A very sincere thanks to everyone who contributed since we launched this drive yesterday. As I noted yesterday we’ve got a particularly high hill to climb this year (see yesterday’s post). But we’re off to a solid start. By our counter, which you can see here, we are at just under $123,000. But we also received a single mega (I mean, truly mega!) contribution of $25,000 which isn’t yet reflected on the counter since it came by check. That brings us to just a smidge under $150,000. And a big thanks to the contributor who made such a massive contribution. If memory serves that’s five times larger than the biggest contribution we’ve ever gotten to the TPM Journalism Fund.

There’s always more than a bit of an element of stage fright when launching a drive. Success is really important but you don’t know how it’s going to go, especially when you need to raise more than usual. So I’ll give a bit more of behind the scenes of what goes into these efforts and a bit more about how it’s going. But for now, thank you. Our whole team truly appreciates it. If you’re ready to contribute, just click here.


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The Josh marshall podcast


Ep. 276: Disaster Averted

Josh and Kate discuss the debt ceiling deal, new entrants to the GOP 2024 presidential race and mutterings about a potential coming indictment.


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Capitol Hill Staffer Is A Prominent Follower Of Neo-Nazi Nick Fuentes

Evidence shows Congressman Paul Gosar’s digital director is behind an online persona that Fuentes called one of his “strongest soldiers.”

Nick Fuentes was under attack. 

On May 6, 2022, two high-ranking members of Fuentes’ white-supremacist “Groyper” movement had defected from his organization and gone on a rival far-right streaming show to criticize Fuentes and air their grievances about the group. Fuentes responded five days later on his own stream, “America First.” After denouncing his “enemies,” Fuentes raised his hand and made a demand from his remaining followers. 

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